East Fort Trivandrum

Conservation - Restoration & Urban design of East Fort precinct, and historic palaces of Trivandrum

2002-2004 - Project implimented by Kerala State dept. of Archaeology, Funded by Govt. of India

In the year 2002 Government of Kerala initiated the Thiruvananthapuram Fort area Conservation and revitalisation of its precincts. This largest ever heritage conservation scheme in Kerala, is now widely appreciated both by the public and the heritage enthusiast. The concept of this project won the PATTA (Pacific Asia Tour and Travel Association) Award for the State Government in 2003.

Kerala has a unique cultural and political system. The literacy level of the state is high; the print and visual media is so forceful that any developmental activities, initiatives or a project to improve or establish a new system attracts lots of public criticism and scrutiny. The political intervention for any development project in Kerala is so high that it often stalls most of the projects even before their initiation or during their implementation.

The East Fort Area Conservation and revitalisation project had to undergo similar such scrutinies, interventions and political process initially. There was extensive premature criticism. However, once the initiative began to take shape, the applause commenced. The project finally struck success with amazing commendations from all sections of the community like the Royal Family, local inhabitants, public and the media.

The accurate documentation of the precincts, buildings and artefacts before and after the restoration and the use of authentic and strictly traditional technologies, materials and workmanshipinduced confidence in the onlookers and critics during the entire process of the project.